Kitchen Gadgets That Make Life Easier

There are several kitchen gadgets that can make your life easier and save you time in the kitchen. For example, there is a handy handheld avocado slicer. It removes the pits from avocados and is useful for making fruit salads. If you like to dice up pineapples, this gadget can help you do that as well. This tool has been featured on BuzzFeed and has even been made into an induction cooktop! But what makes this tool so cool?

Aside from specialized peelers, other useful kitchen gadgets are the apple peeler and other types of peelers. The invention of the stand mixer paved the way for the development of other kitchen gadgets such as the mechanical dough mixer and egg beater. Other early kitchen gadgets included food choppers, bread toasters, and potato mashers. Some even had a built-in waffle iron. The first lemon squeezer was made from two pieces of wood joined by a hinge. The bottom piece had a slotted opening.

Other kitchen utensils include salad spinners and measuring spoons. They help cook food while also being decorative. You can buy a stainless steel ladle that is ideal for breaking up meat while cooking. Another great gadget is a splatter guard that fits on top of a hot skillet to prevent hot oil and food from splashing. These are great to have on hand for when you need to quickly stir up a pot of soup or stew.

Some of the latest kitchen gadgets make life easier. The best-selling items are those that are easy to use. A simple and useful tool such as an adjustable tablet mount will allow you to monitor your work on the kitchen tablet. A sleek dish rack is a great way to organize dishes. For those who like to entertain, you can use a toaster that is shaped like a Star Wars character. Its flip-up stand makes it easy to use.

You can also buy a glass honeycomb dispenser to warm up your favorite sweetener. It looks gorgeous and is a godsend for bakers and tea drinkers alike. A reusable, dishwasher-safe glass bowl with a farmhouse design is also worth considering. You can even use it in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. And because it doesn’t use batteries, you can be assured that you’ll never run out of the syrup in your kitchen.

If you’re looking for a mandoline slicer that’s easy to use, you may want to consider the OXO Good Grips Simple Mandoline Slicer. Its stainless steel blade cuts through stems in seconds and also comes with non-slip feet. Its spring-loaded food holder pushes the greens down for even slicing. Its padded blade can also be used to core pineapples, and the chopper folds up for easy storage.

The frying pan is another kitchen gadget that you may want to consider. T-fal makes a 4 Qt. triangle-shaped fry pan that combines features of an air fryer and a multi-cooker. The frying pan can handle pressure cooking and sautéing. It even has an eight-quart crock for air-frying a whole chicken. Plus, it’s easy to clean, has programmed cooking settings, and is very compact.