Transforming Your Basement Into a Functional and Stylish Living Space

If you are smart, you can subvert your basement into a desirable place to live, and even one of your favourite rooms in the house.To do this, it is important to think through all the possibilities before coming up with a diagram that conveys what you want done to achieve your goals. Make sure it suits the needs and tastes of your family.

Since the basement is an underground place, it has no natural lighting, and is largely dependent on artificial lighting to inform its atmosphere and ambience. An assortment of recessed, track and floor lamps will be helpful in livening the basement up.

Consider Natural Light

Because basements and crawl spaces usually have lower ceilings than the rest of your home, daylighting from above is a great strategy for making this space feel bright and cheery. Additonal light sources such as recessed lighting, track lighting and floor or table lamps help, too.

Fancy yourself a host? A home theatre or gaming zone in your basement might make your space the go-to hangout for family and friends. A playroom design could be the answer if your kid’s toys have got a little out of control.

Basements are the right places to create a peaceful office room where you can work and organise without being disturbed by your children or outside noises. Add some soft and calming textures to make the room nice and create a calm ambiance with white accent walls to patch it all together!

Create a Well-Thought-Out Layout

If you’re going to be reworking a basement area, and if it will be transformed into several separate or different uses, a theme-driven approach to the design effort should be considered. The theme will provide a sense of direction and will inform you on what colours to select, which furnishings to include and what decorative accessories to select.

Choosing the color scheme is also of vital importance to provide a stimulting space, such as a basement which has less natural lighting. Light-coloured walls and floors easily reflect light and make a room appear larger

Making sure that your children have a creative outlet? Turn the basement into a craft room with a pegboard storage and a good working surface. For a room to enjoy movies, games and all things media, consider a room with floor-to-ceiling stone accent walls and a modern gas fireplace to add ambiance and warmth.

Add Storage

If you get tired of the hassle of hauling heavy totes or rummaging through dusty boxes for what you need, install built-in storage for easy access and put things in view and in order. This basement storage hack takes advantage of the available space while organising and exhibiting things in a tasteful way.

Cords and cables are hidden from view behind closed base cabinetry, while open shelving displays objects that are significant to the room’s owner. Keep to a single palette of colour and texture if you want your space to feel unified – in this bathroom, neutral walls let the lush green and bright orange pillows take centre stage.

An attached kitchenette in your basement lets your guests make their own coffee or reheat food without disturbing other members of your household. Perhaps one day you’ll have children who want a place to crash while they visit their friends. Or you’ll have after-college kids who are home for the holidays. This apartment makes that easy. A Murphy bed would make it even more adaptable for your whole household’s sleep needs.

Add a Bar

Put a bar into your basement – and use it for entertaining. You can host your friends for poker and beer, watch TV programs with them on your couch or just sit in a dim light and drink. Share the main basement ideas of this description.

Crawlspaces! Build out your built-ins all the way up to your ceiling Imagine a room: an instant upgrade in spatial size. This is especially effective in low-ceilinged basement rooms.

Now think about how you can use your basement for a home office, a guest suite, or as a playroom for your children? Perhaps the room could be upgraded with a sauna or even a fitness area for your lean body exercises, maybe a craft studio – whatever fits in to your lifestyle! Is time for you to unleash its true power and potential? Berks Homes is here to help – give us a call!

Add a Guest Suite

If you’re looking to have a guest come for a while, why not convert the basement into a guest suite so they can have a place to themselves while still being in proximity to the main living space, and you can collect rent on it by using an Airbnb-type of service?

Obviously others will naturally follow this trend and foremost among your amenities, provide each of your guests with a suite complete with an attached bathroom, as well as an egress window, which is vital not only for privacy, but also ensures free egress should there be a fire.

Complete the room with bedroom furniture that offers a welcoming and practical sense, with stylish details and decorative touches that appeal and elevate its overall function and use. Add a couch bed to provide more space for sleeping options where guests can comfortably stay for an extended period of time.

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