The Benefits of a Wooden Floor

Wood flooring adds warmth and style to any home. There are countless varieties of wood to choose from, from durable hickory for high traffic areas to mahogany’s classic look.

Wood floors can be tailored to any taste or budget with custom color and texture options available, as well as enhanced through various brushing techniques.

Easy to maintain

Wooden floors are one of the easiest materials to care for, especially compared with carpets or other forms of flooring materials such as vinyl. Their resilient surfaces resist staining and water damage and generally only require occasional sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming to keep in good condition. Spills can easily be cleaned up, with proper care ensuring generations-old wooden flooring.

Over time, your hardwood floor will acquire subtle shadings of color as it collects small dents, scratches, and nicks that add character and cannot be purchased elsewhere. This is particularly evident for parquet and other small piece decorative wood flooring installations.

Add depth and design to any room with carpeted floors by layering different depths and textures of this beautiful material, giving them added depth and dimension. It is especially great for homes looking to increase depth. Businesses looking to reach out to a wider demographic while fitting in with the branding or atmosphere of a space often opt for this kind of flooring because it is more durable than carpet and can withstand heavier foot traffic.

Adds a touch of elegance

Wooden floors make an excellent complement to both classic and contemporary decor styles, lending your floor character that cannot be replicated. Over time, your wooden floor will collect tiny scratches, dents and nicks that give it its unique charm.

Lighter wood tones such as oak and maple are adaptable and suitable for various design styles, from rustic to contemporary. Their bright tone brings brightness and airiness into a room while covering scratches more effectively than darker-toned alternatives.

For a dramatic effect, try herringbone or chevron patterns. These geometric designs offer the perfect mix of formal and casual elements, creating an exquisite effect. For busy areas where real wood floors may be difficult to keep clean, hardwood tiles provide similar effects without the maintenance hassles. In addition, their wide selection of styles and colors offer another convenient solution.

Increases home value

Wood floors are an eco-friendly addition to any home and can add considerable value. Wood flooring also makes a healthier environment than carpet, which traps dust, pollen, and fleas; thus making them an excellent option for households with pets.

There are various kinds of wood flooring, including solid and engineered varieties. Solid hardwood is made up of real wood milled from one piece of lumber while engineered wood features only real wood on its top layer, connected to an inner core and backing.

Hardwood flooring is an attractive option for homes because of its versatility and durability, ranging from staining it to match the color scheme in any given room to easy maintenance requirements. Hardwood can also make any home more traditional or modern; just make sure that the right type of hardwood is chosen with higher Janka hardness ratings providing greater resistance against denting or scuffing.

Adds warmth

Wooden floors bring warmth to a room, and look stunning when combined with various types of home decor styles. Wooden flooring works beautifully in traditional or contemporary settings alike and pairs nicely with textures such as fabric wovens, leather surfaces, metal surfaces or concrete for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Hickory and walnut floors are natural heat conductors, keeping your home toasty warm during colder months. Furthermore, their durability withstands even heavy traffic loads.

If your home features dark wooden floors, adding lighter cabinets and walls and area rugs with rich contrast will help bring out their beauty. Also consider adding natural scents like cinnamon or mulled wine as a further way of increasing coziness; synthetic fragrances may cause skin irritation in some people.

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