Choosing the Right Material for Your Bathroom Floor

When remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important decisions to make is the material of the floor. The material you choose will have an effect on the entire room, and it will either make you love or hate the place. Additionally, the right material will add value to your home, so consider a durable material to install on your floor. Here are some tips for choosing the right material for your bathroom:

Concrete is one option, but it should be chosen carefully. The material should be highly resistant to water and stains, and it should withstand the use of children and pets. Additionally, the material should match the rest of your house. Consider if you want a spa-like experience when choosing the perfect floor for your bathroom. Finally, consider what style you want for the room. While there are a variety of materials available, you need to make sure you choose something that will last for many years.

Linoleum: Linoleum is one of the oldest forms of resilient flooring. It was once replaced by vinyl flooring, but has recently been reintroduced as a more environmentally friendly choice. However, linoleum has disadvantages as well. Though it is waterproof, it may produce an unpleasant odor for several weeks after installation. For a busy bathroom, you should opt for a sheet-form of linoleum. The price for linoleum for bathroom flooring ranges from $2 to $5 a square foot, and professional installation costs around $3 to $10.

While stone tiles have become popular in other rooms, they are no longer restricted to the foyer. A variety of different shapes and textures can be used in bathroom floors, including triangle and diamond-shaped patterns. If you want to avoid using stone tiles in your bathroom, you can also consider plastic laminate flooring. These tiles do not significantly raise the existing floor, making them a good choice for smaller spaces. You should keep in mind that plastic laminate tiles have a similar feel to granite or marble countertops.

Ceramic tile is another popular material for bathroom floors. While ceramic tile is low-maintenance, it may not be as comfortable as vinyl. However, with a high-quality glaze, ceramic tile can resist water. Whether you choose a vinyl floor or a porcelain tile, you should be able to find one that fits your needs. If you decide to go with a tile, keep in mind that it is important to choose the right material for your bathroom.

Consider color in your bathroom floor. A neutral color for your bathroom floor will be a good choice if you have a contemporary bathroom. You can use white subway tiles and contrast it with darker grout to highlight darker colors. White subway tiles add visual interest and are waterproof. Wood tile gives you the look of wood, while also waterproofing the floor. The contrast between natural elements and darker decorations will create a striking contrast in your bathroom. If you are looking for a more classic look, try a marbled shower floor.