Cozy Fireplace Settings

If you’re thinking about decorating your fireplace, you should consider creating cozy fireplace settings. To do this, think about lighting a few candles, placing a few potted plants on the mantle, and putting some seasonal decorations on the floor.


The right plants for your cozy fireplace setting can be a real winner. They add an air of sophistication to your home and help to create a relaxing environment. Plus, they add a pop of color to your living space. Whether your fireplace is a focal point of your living room or a quaint accent in your bedroom, the right plants can really make a house a home.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to dress up your fireplace is to simply purchase some plants. It’s a great way to introduce some life to an otherwise empty and drab space. While there’s nothing wrong with faux foliage, the real stuff can’t be beat. You can find a plethora of indoor plants to choose from, including ivy, azalea, and orchids. Some homeowners also opt to get a little more creative by using the area around their fireplace for a more elaborate arrangement.

You can get a lot of mileage out of your new favorite greenery by displaying it in a manner that’s worthy of a special occasion. For instance, you could get a little crafty by creating a focal point by displaying a few large potted plants on both sides of your fireplace. Or, you could go all out and place a number of pots on your mantel. If you’re a minimalist, you might also opt for just one plant – or three – for a more minimalistic look.

The best part of this approach is that you can enjoy your new favorite plants without ever having to leave your couch! In addition, you’ll save yourself the hassle of lugging heavy pots around. Also, you’ll have a nice display to admire as you enjoy the warmth of your fire.

Glass leaves

In the context of a fireplace setting, a good display of fire glass is a sight to behold. Besides being functional and attractive, a fireplace is also a focal point of a living room. With the right furniture, a swooping sofa, and a flaming fire, you are good to go. Adding in a few novelty LED letter lights to the mix, you can really make the fireplace pop. And, if you’re a fan of the color scheme, don’t forget to add in the appropriate accessories such as candles, glassware, and a decorative mantel.

It’s not hard to find a plethora of decorative pieces to choose from. A fireplace is a perfect place to display a selection of quality artwork and a few home-grown creations. Alternatively, you can also go all out and invest in a complete home makeover. The best part is, you can do it yourself. There’s no need to rely on a decorator to get the job done right. Using a few simple steps, you can put together a showpiece that’s sure to be a hit with guests and family alike.

What’s more, you can keep it up all year round, without the worry of burnt fingers or a smoldering fireplace. To top off the experience, you can always hang a small Christmas tree above it for a bit of festive cheer. Plus, if you have a knack for DIY, you’ll be able to add your own personal flair and wow your neighbors. Of course, the most important component of your fireplace is the ambiance. So, it’s a good idea to include some cozy touches such as blankets, a few scented candles, and a couple of knickknacks that will remind you of your family’s good taste for decades to come.

Lit candles

The ambiance of a fireplace can be captured with a variety of lighting options, from candles to lanterns to flameless candles. But which ones are best? Luckily, home design experts have shared their favorite candle choices.

To get the perfect ambiance, start by placing candles of different heights around the fireplace. If your fireplace has a small opening, you can place one or two candles to fill the space.

You can also choose to display a layered look, arranging a few candles on a tray or table and adding a few smaller stones to make the vignette more interesting.

A good tip is to burn the candle for at least an hour before guests arrive. This will give it time to cool down. And since soot can be irritating to the eyes, you should try to keep your hands and clothes as far away from the flame as possible.

Another good tip is to use a lid on the candle. This will keep dust and debris out of the flame and ensure that the candle burns evenly.

Candles in the fireplace produce a cozy, romantic ambiance. They also add a decorative touch to any room. For a rustic touch, opt for pinecones, which can be placed inside the fireplace during winter.

When using a scented candle, keep the fragrance away from children and pets. Also, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to care for the candle. It is best to trim the wicks to a quarter of an inch each time you light the candle.

Make sure that your candle holder is sturdy and heat-resistant. Avoid flammable objects, such as vases or glass bottles, near the flame.

Modern industrial decor

A modern industrial fireplace can be a great focal point in a living room. They can be installed inside or outside the home. The enclosure can be in many shapes and sizes, and can be made from several different materials.

Concrete is a great material for a modern industrial fireplace. It’s fire-resistant and can be molded into virtually any shape. Moreover, it’s also available in a wide range of textures and colors.

Glass is another good material to use for a modern fireplace. These units are especially ideal for open-plan spaces. Their glass surrounds allow the eye to pass through the entire area.

Shiplap is a common exterior siding that is also used as a decorative feature in interior walls and fireplace cladding. Alternatively, it can be incorporated as a ceiling.

Natural stone, such as marble or granite, is also a popular choice. A gray stone fireplace can be placed in the corner of the wall and creates a unique feature between the window and the wall.

Decorative tiles are another option. A grid of light-colored stone tiles can be arranged to create a linear look.

Adding a faux fireplace log is a great way to make a realistic fireplace look. This faux stone enhances the flickering flame.

Whether you choose a fireplace or not, you should ensure that the room is comfortable for your family. Providing a reading spot is also a good idea. Having a TV stand can also be handy. If your home has small children, you should consider whether the fireplace will be too much of a distraction.

There are also many ways to enhance the look of a modern industrial fireplace. Depending on the type of fireplace you choose, there are many different accents you can add.

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