DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

If your living room, bedroom or nook is looking dull and needs updating without breaking the bank to do it yourself home decor ideas offer many creative DIY home decor solutions on a budget.

One creative idea is creating a wooden heart decoration with functional value, like greeting guests or writing reminders on it. Another solution would be a tabletop chalkboard where guests can write messages.

Faux Stacked Log Insert

If you love rustic home decor ideas on a budget, this DIY project will add stunning rustic charm to your fireplace. By using a wood burner, scrap wire, and old branches – this simple home decor DIY is easy and fun to put together!

This Americana Door Art Craft for Home is an ideal patriotic accent to add a patriotic feel to any bedroom, be it for 4th of July festivities or simply because you have some leftover paint! Simply use an old wood pallet as well as some paint from previous projects for this easy DIY.

Decoupage Bookcase

Decoupage is an incredible way to personalize a bookcase. Simply soak any paper of your choosing – from sheet music and comic strips to wallpaper – in decoupage glue before applying it to the surface. For added protection and sheen, apply clear varnish over top as a final step.

Add an elegant touch to your home decorating with this faux marble table, made out of just a few materials and taking just a weekend to build.

String Art

String art is an engaging craft for all ages to enjoy, featuring weaving embroidery thread around nails to produce unique works of art for your home or workspace.

Embroidery floss comes in an extensive palette of colors, so your string art can match any decor theme. Choose from pre-purchased patterns like this cactus string art or make it personal by creating your own design, like this “home sweet home” sign!

Vintage Coat Rack

Bring rustic charm into a mudroom or hallway with this coat rack made from upcycled paddles and oars, complete with hooks. Sand them down, varnish them, add hooks, then paint in eye-catching hues that reflect your personal style.

Stencils and spray paint can transform plain pillows into trendy tie-dye designs that match any color scheme in the room. Use old doorknobs as the basis of an eye-catching hat rack in princess rooms by staining a length of decorative molding before attaching knobs with glue; coat this final project with clear coat to protect it against water damage.

Wood Panels

Make a personalized wall art display using wood panels, featuring a quote that speaks to you. This DIY project will add an individualistic touch to any room in the house!

Novice DIYers can tackle wood panelling without the arduous task of cutting, sanding and staining each individual piece by following these steps: the result will be an elegant, picture-perfect finish!

Kokedama planters make stunning wall decorations. Simply gather round slices of moss, a wood frame and twine to create this cost-effective home decor idea.

Map Wall Art

With just a few simple steps, you can create beautiful map wall art in just minutes! These maps highlight major roads of cities with stylish and contemporary designs. This gift would make an ideal present idea for travelers or city enthusiasts.

To complete this project, apply some hot glue to the backs of the wooden pieces and adhere them securely to the map. Thread a string up through the bottom-right corner, add a wood bead, and tie a triple knot in order to finish this step.

Wooden Slat Frames

Home decor adds a sense of character and personality to any room, without breaking the bank! These DIY home decor projects use inexpensive materials for creative yet eye-catching DIY home decoration projects.

Use just a few 1×2 MDF planks and fabric from your playroom, nursery or craft space to transform a simple MDF frame into modern wall art! This quick project makes the perfect addition to a playroom, nursery or craft area.

Create the look of tie-dye drape panels by using blue upholstery spray paint and stencils. This DIY is an excellent way to utilize any leftover paint that may remain.

Towel Rack

No matter the size or style of your home, DIY decor projects allow you to add a personal touch and show your unique style. From stenciling pillows to giving serveware a tie-dye makeover, these crafty DIY ideas bring freshness and color into any room without breaking the bank.

Create an elegant blanket ladder from scrap wood found around your garage or borrow some from construction sites to build this attractive towel rack from Shanty-2-Chic. Both practical and fashionable!

Double Box Shelf

Wall shelves can be an affordable way to decorate your home in style. Use them to display greenery, lamps and candles for cozy lighting effects and more.

These DIY book shelves make an eye-catching statement as they appear to float on the wall with no apparent support! Plus, they’re easy to build fast.

This project utilizes wooden boxes to craft an intersecting wall shelf for your accessories that don’t seem to have their place! Perfect for keeping clutter at bay!

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