Handcrafted and Sustainable Furnishings

Today, many people are opting to buy handcrafted and sustainable furnishings to save wood and the environment. In fact, MiradorLife offers many ethically made and handcrafted home furnishings. Whether you’re looking for a new couch or an elegant bed, you’ll find everything you need here. The company offers eco-friendly, handmade home furnishings for a variety of tastes and budgets. In addition to being environmentally friendly, MiradorLife offers products that will last a lifetime.

Ecobalanza: This California-based company specializes in handcrafted and sustainable couches and furniture. All of their products are made using non-toxic chemicals and FSC-certified wood. Ecobalanza ships globally. Viva Terra: This USA-based fair-trade furniture company offers kitchen and dining room furniture. You can even order a sofa from them. And you’ll feel good knowing that your purchase was made with minimal waste.

Metamortise: This company uses a biodiesel powdered delivery truck for all deliveries. They also use renewable sources for electricity. Their products are also recyclable and don’t release VOCs into the atmosphere. As an added bonus, their eco-friendly furniture is more affordable than traditional options. And unlike traditional furniture, these products are meant to be used for years. That’s what makes them so environmentally friendly.

The Quinn Furniture Company: A family-run business, the company uses recycled materials and reclaimed lumber in their products. They use low-VOC eco-friendly finishes and use a small supply chain. They are made in Algonquin, IL. You can buy these beautiful pieces for your home, knowing that the makers used only the best materials. They also make their products to order to ensure quality.

West Elm: Another company with ethical policies, West Elm invests $10 million in small American businesses. The company designs most of its products in-house and has multiple ethical certifications. As of 2020, fifteen of their factories are Fair Trade certified, which supports the livelihood of over 13,000 workers. The company also invests in health clinics and community development funds. So if you’re looking for sustainable furniture, you’ve come to the right place.

Buying artisan-made furniture: Purchasing handcrafted furniture from a small workshop is a great way to support your local community and reduce your environmental impact. Unlike a mass-produced armchair, a locally-made rocking chair will last for a lifetime and will outlast its stuffed counterpart. In addition, buying handmade furniture allows you to discuss the lifecycle of the product with the craftsman directly.

Choose eco-friendly materials: For instance, Greenington uses 100% recyclable shipping materials and has a chair-to-chair recycling program. In addition, the company uses the strongest renewable natural materials. In addition to the high-quality materials, Greenington also features a Made Trade certification. However, you must also consider the production process. Some eco-friendly brands may use a more environmentally-friendly method of shipping their products, and it may be a good idea to buy locally whenever possible.

Choose eco-friendly products: Eco-friendly products are often more expensive than conventional items, but this hasn’t stopped consumers from making environmentally-friendly purchases. Eco-friendly furnishings and decorations are also more durable and longer-lasting. The benefits of sustainable home decor include being more affordable and a better investment in the community. These products are more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethical and you’ll feel good about choosing them for your home.

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